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To add something truly distinctive to the Web3 scene, a group of Anonymous collaborated to create the Broke Ape Raft Club. We believe that your network is one of your most valuable assets and one over which you have complete control. With this in mind, we set out to create the web3 online and offline social platform for all web3 community and the newcomers to connect. The online platform will be a community-building platform built on Web3 technology with unique features that will give the web3 community a unique web3 experience, for now our platform will be a discord server where all web3 community can meet, chill and connect. The offline platform will be in a form of an engaging fun exhibitions and conferences to share the groundbreaking Web3 model with the rest of the world (Asia). Our events will feature contributions from the Web 3 community, including musicians, live shows, Web 3 games, artist, clubs, and new initiatives, among other things which all uses and adopt the blockchain technology. Our mission is to be profitable as soon as possible and we hope to attract a wide audience so that they may learn about and become involved with this exciting new field.